The area

The Don Bosco route presents itself as a promotional enterprise in the south area of Turin, included in the activities promoted by the Progetto Strade di colori e sapori (Project for roads of colours and flavours).

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The Progetto Strade di colori e sapori was developed in 2006 with the aim of enhancing and promoting the hilly area of the south Turin and its natural extention in the plane: an area characterized by important attractions of environmental, agricultural, handcrafted, historical and cultural kind.

Supported by Provincia di Torino, by Parco della Collina Torinese and by the municipalities of Andezeno, Arignano, Baldissero, Cambiano, Carmagnola, Chieri, Cinzano, Marentino, Montaldo, Moriondo, Pavarolo, Pecetto, Pino, Poirino, Pralormo, Riva presso Chieri, Santena, Sciolze), the project has the aim to favour  the development of a culture of hospitality, which allows the visitors to discover the rich and widespread heritage of small and big historical, artistic, culinary and naturalistic excellence, which make this territory an unicum of extraordinary interest and importance.

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Il Cammino di Don Bosco è un progetto di
Città metropolitana di Torino e Strade di colori e sapori