Cherries of Pecetto

Protagonists of events, fairs and exhibitions, the cherries of Pecetto have an ancient origin, which dates back to ancient Roman times and gradually earned a leading role in the history and in the life of this village.

Cultivated only by environmentally sustainable and biological methods, the cherries of Pecetto, thanks to their juicy taste and to their intense red colour, became an economic source of the area and over the years different varieties, classified on the basis of the taste, of compactness and of colour, have emerged. The most important varieties are the Galucia with dark red colour and the crunchy pulp; the Martini, with bright red colour and a sweeter taste; the Graffione of Pecetto suitable for preserves and the variety Vittona with very tender pulp and a dark red colour.

Every year the farmers pay tribute to their products organizing the “Cherries Festival” with a big market, which gives the occasion to taste the famous fruit.

The Cherries of Pecetto are part of the Basket of the typical products of Turin province.

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