Where to sleep, to eat and to taste the typical products of the territory

“Since we often trudged to centres a good distance away, I will describe one hike we did to Superga, which was typical of the others.

When the boys had collected in the field, we let them play bocce, piastrelle, stilt-walking, etc., for a while. A drum was sounded, then a bugle call, to call them together and signal that we were ready to move out. We usually arranged that all of them should have heard Mass beforehand. Soon after 9:00 we set out for Superga. Some carried baskets of bread, some cheese, salami, fruit, or other provisions for the day. They kept quiet till we were outside the populated parts of the city, but from then on they began yelling, singing, and shouting, though they kept ranks”

Giovanni Bosco, Memoirs of the Oratory, 1873


Il Cammino di Don Bosco è un progetto di
Città metropolitana di Torino e Strade di colori e sapori