The education and the studies

The difficult winters of work and the studies in Chieri

In Capriglio the boy began attending the primary school in the parish: Don Lacqua was his first teacher. After a first difficult time he accepted the boy and became attached to him, defending him from his mates, who mishandled him because he was from another village.
In order to bring the youngsters of the village closer to prayer and listening to the Mass, Giovanni Bosco decided to learn some sleights of hand and acrobatics.
In this way he attracted the peers and the farmers of the village, but only after having invited them to pray the rosary and listen to a reading of the Gospel.
The next winter was one of the most difficult: Mamma Margherita was compelled to turn her son away from Becchi to workas a farm-servant in Moncucco Torinese in the Cascina Moglia of Luigi and Dorotea, where he stayed from February 1827 till November 1829.
In September 1829, Don Giovanni Calosso came to Morialdo as a chaplain. After having understood how intelligent and willing to study the boy was, Morialdo decided to accommodate him in his house in order to teach him Latin grammar and to prepare him for the life of a priest.
At the end of the year he decided to go to Chieri to study and spent the summer in Sussambrino, a farm of Castelnuovo which his brother Giuseppe, together with his friend Giuseppe Febraro, sharecropped.

Il Cammino di Don Bosco è un progetto di
Città metropolitana di Torino e Strade di colori e sapori